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                 2019 STAR AWARDS



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(All entries are in alphabetically order by category.)


Rules & Information/Judging:

  • Judges typically select a first place winner and a second place runner-up in each category but are under no obligation to do so and may choose to award no prizes in a category.
  • If an entry is submitted in the wrong category it may, at the discretion of the judges, be moved to the proper category.


Click here for a printed copy of the finalists.


A huge THANK YOU to all who entered.  The entries were extremely well done and the judges made many comments about the quality of the entries – which certainly made their job more difficult!





   2019 STAR Awards

  Saturday, August 17th

Hilton Columbia Center

6:00 - 10:00 p.m

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SCBA’s State Television And Radio (STAR) Awards Ceremony was held on Saturday, August 11th at the Columbia Conference Center in Columbia beginning with cocktails at 6:00 pm and the program at 7:00 pm.  SCBA presented two awards in most categories.  The Award of Merit went to stations taking second place in a category and the STAR Award went to those taking first.  Congratulations to all of the stations below who were recognized at our prestigious STAR Awards Ceremony!  (PLEASE NOTE:  To insure objectivity, judges are broadcast professionals from outside South Carolina.  SCBA provides detailed criteria for judging each award category.  Certain radio categories offer separate awards for medium/small and large markets.  Those categories are indicated by “M/S” and “L.” )






Medium/Small Market

WRHI-AM/FM, Rock Hill

I Like Big Fans and I Cannot Lie

Catherine Madden, Johnathon Brown, Jay Taylor

WVSC-FM, Bluffton

The Angry Plumber

Craig Edelson, Katie Grubbs, Wendy Wilson

Large Market

WJMZ-FM, Greenville

All Cash Car Rentals – All Cash Jingle

Beth Baltes, Bethany Wimmer, Anthony Louden

WJMZ-FM, Greenville

Fresh Burger – Fresh Reviews

Beth Baltes, Bethany Wimmer, Anthony Louden

WFXB-TV, Myrtle Beach

Lake View Motor Speedway

Seth Forbes, Andy Locklear, Rigby Wilson

WIS-TV, Columbia

Meetze Plumbing

Kirby Formyduvall, Amanda Simpson, Chris Claypool


Medium/Small Market

WRHI-AM/FM, Rock Hill

Great Easter Egg Classic 2018

Allan Miller, Jay Taylor

WRHI-AM/FM, Rock Hill

Boo-HaHa 2017

Allan Miller, Jay Taylor

Large Market

WHZT-FM, Greenville

12 Days of Alexa

Dex Mitchell, Latasha Whitmire, Anthony Louden

WTPT-FM, Greenville

Numerous Nuptials

Mark Hendrix, Jay D. Stone, James McDonald

WCSC-TV, Charleston

Kidnapping Thank You

Kristin Lee

WIS-TV, Columbia

30 To Show

Jared Stepp, Clint Stevenson



Medium/Small Market

WRHI-AM/FM, Rock Hill

Toys for Happiness

WRHI Staff

WVSC-FM, Bluffton

Imagination Train

Craig Edelson, Tiffany Hill, Mike Buxer

Large Market

WHZT-FM, Greenville

See Something, Say Something

Dex Mitchell, Mike Klein, Anthony Louden

No Award of Merit in this category

WLTX-TV, Columbia

We Are Puerto Rico

Mary Soto, Darcy Strickland, Leroy Green

WLTX-TV, Columbia

We Love to Read

Lanier Smith

Multi-Spot Campaign

Medium/Small Market

WVSC-FM, Bluffton

Criminally Insane

Craig Edelson, Katie Grubbs, Anthony Marzbanian

No Award of Merit in this category

Large Market

WHZT-FM, Greenville

HOT 98.1 – Advertise with Us

Beth Baltes, Bethany Wimmer, Anthony Louden

WNOK-FM, Columbia

Escape Plan – “30 Seconds” and “Merlin”

Ron Marsh, Nicole Hallbick, Lauren Love

WACH-TV, Columbia

Sports Zone “5th Quarter”

Andre Bellamy, Jack Scott, Brett Smith

WLTX-TV, Columbia

Man Behind the Meteorologist

Mary Soto, Lanier Smith, Courtney McCallum

Radio Show of the Year

WFBC-FM, Greenville

Hawk ‘n Tom Morning Show

Tom Steele, Hawk Harrison, Heidi Aiken

WYRD-FM, Greenville

The Bob McLain Show

Bob McLain, Gerald Writesel, Angela Fleming

Reporter of the Year

WLTR-FM, Columbia

Victoria Hansen

Victoria Hansen

WJMZ-FM, Greenville

Rhonda Rawlings

Rhonda Rawlings, Anthony Louden

WIS-TV, Columbia

Chad Mills


Diane Lee

Sportscaster of the Year

WRHI-AM/FM, Rock Hill

Chris Miller

WNKT-FM, Columbia

Brent Johnson

WSPA-TV, Spartanburg

Todd Summers

WACH-TV, Columbia

Mike Uva

TV Weathercaster  of the Year  

WPDE-TV, Myrtle Beach

Ed Piotrowski

WIS-TV, Columbia

Dominic Brown

TV Anchor

of the Year


WIS-TV, Columbia

Judy Gatson

WYFF-TV, Greenville

Jane Robelot

Personality of the Year

WSPA-FM, Greenville

Magic 98.9 – Sheri Taylor

Sheri Taylor

WMGL-FM, Charleston

Frankie the Big Bopper

Frankie the Big Bopper

WACH-TV, Columbia

Lena Pringle

WYFF-TV, Greenville

John Cessarich

TV Photographer of the Year  

WCIV-TV, Charleston

Jason Tighe

WSPA-TV, Spartanburg

Ryan Goodman

Best Use of Digital Platforms

WFBC-FM, Greenville

96.3 The Block

Miranda Asson

WLTR-FM, Columbia

South Carolina Public Radio

John Gasque, Alfred Turner

WBTW-TV, Myrtle Beach


Jo Brown, Eric Walters, Ryan Webb

WPDE-TV, Myrtle Beach


Gina Vasselli, Briana Rivas, Victoria Spechko

Best Sports Show/Sports Talk Show – Radio

WYRD-AM, Greenville

The Huddle with Greg McKinney

Greg McKinney, Gerald (Lonzo) Writesel, Richmond Weaver

WYRD-AM, Greenville

Straight Up with Sturg

Greg (Diesel) Abee, Price Atkinson, Mark Sturgis

Convergence Coverage

WRHI-AM/FM Rock Hill

Sgt. Doty: Forever Our Hero

Lucas McFadden, Matthew Kreh, Patti Mercer, Steven Stone

WARQ-FM, Columbia

100 Years of Fort Jackson

Alpha Media Columbia

WIS-TV, Columbia

Total Solar Eclipse

WIS-TV Staff

WIS-TV, Columbia

I-26 Standoff

WIS-TV Staff

Best News Talk Show

WTMA-FM, Charleston

The TMA Morning Show with Charlie James

Charlie James, John Quincy, Sheree Bernardi

No Award of Merit in this category.

Best Public Affairs Program

WMFX-FM, Columbia

Fox Focus with Your Hostess, Koko!

Ms. Koko!

WRHI-AM/FM, Rock Hill

Straight Talk with Manning Kimmel

Manning Kimmel, Sheilah Kimmel

Best Sports Special-TV  

WCIV-TV, Charleston

25 Years of Stingray Hockey

Scott Eisberg, Daren Stoltzfus, Dean Stephens

WBTW-TV, Myrtle Beach

Darlington Southern 500 Preview Special

Jillian Esteves, Chris Parks, Julia Morris

Best Newscast of the Year  

WMBF-TV, Myrtle Beach

5 PM Newscast During Hurricane Irma

Jack Vandertoll, WMBF-TV Staff

WSPA-TV, Spartanburg

7News at 6 PM


TV Broadcast News – Spot News


WCIV-TV, Charleston

Northwoods Mall Shooting

Dean Stephens, Bill Burr, Alex Heaton

WCSC-TV, Charleston

Hurricane Irma Rescue


TV Broadcast News- Feature /

WCBD-TV, Charleston

Bitty & Beau’s Comes to Charleston

Mayci McLeod

WLTX-TV, Columbia

Photo Restorations

Chris Delchamp

TV Broadcast News - Series  

WLTX-TV, Columbia

Another Way to Say Goodbye

Mary Soto, Anne McQuary

WSPA-TV, Spartanburg

Kolhepp: A Killer Among Us

Brianna Smith, Doug Uhrich

TV Broadcast News-Investigative Reporting  

WSPA-TV, Spartanburg

Human Trafficking in the Upstate

Kirsten Glavin, Jason Parker

WIS-TV, Columbia

Roads to Riches

Greg Adaline, Jeff Diamond, Russ Congdon

TV Local Programming

WCIV-TV, Charleston

Sofa Superstore: Ten Years Later

Alex Heaton, Daniel Michener, Jacquie Vargas

WYFF-TV, Greenville

Chronicle: South Carolina from Above

Lee Brown, Jennifer Mihalic, John Hendon

Richard M. Uray Service Project of the Year

WSPA-FM, Spartanburg

Magic 98.9 Cards for Kids

Sheri Taylor, Roy Hummers, “Supa” Dave Jackson

WRHI-AM/FM, Rock Hill

Toys for Happiness

WRHI Staff

WIS-TV, Columbia

Friday Night Lights Marrowthon

Mary king, Lyle Schulze, WIS-TV Staff

WYFF-TV, Greenville

Holiday Giving

Lee Brown, Marsa Jarrett

Station of the Year

WYRD-FM, Greenville

WSSX-FM, Charleston

WLTX-TV, Columbia

WIS-TV, Columbia




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