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The SCBA Educational Foundation, established in 1982, provides grants, scholarships and endowments for colleges, technical colleges and universities in the state that offer broadcast training.  The Foundation established an endowment in 2004 with a one million dollar target and in 2008 reached that goal.  Now the scholarship program will continue in perpetuity.  Traditionally, the Foundation funds approximately $50,000 in scholarships and grants each year to state broadcast education programs.

SCBA Foundation Board



Each year, the SCBA Educational Foundation accepts proposals for funding from colleges and universities in our state which offer broadcast or communications training. The Foundation accepts proposals for grants, endowments, or scholarships. Please note, funding is not provided for capital items, and scholarship requests receive the highest consideration. Funds are distributed between January 1 and December 31 of the following year.

Proposals must be submitted no later than August 31st.  Please send 12 copies of your proposal to: SCBA Educational Foundation, 2711 Middleburg Drive, Suite 201, Columbia, SC 29204.

The SCBA Educational Foundation Board will meet in September to review proposals, and those schools approved for funding will be notified in writing no later than October 31st.

If you are interested in submitting a request for funding, please submit a formal proposal that specifically outlines your request. Listed below are a few guidelines to follow when preparing your proposal. In most cases, two or three pages are sufficient for your proposal but feel free to submit as many pages as necessary.

I. Grant Request:  Amount being requested
II. Purpose of Grant:  How funds will be used
III. Rationale for Request:  Why funds are needed
IV. Administration of Grant:  How will available funds be publicized to students and how will they be administered
V. Program Information:  Specific information on your broadcast or communications program including what careers it prepares students for, degrees offered, etc.  Please provide statistics on the number of students hired in broadcast inside and outside the state upon graduation.
VI. Contact Information:  Who is submitting the proposal
VII. Collateral Materials:  Additional materials that you feel necessary to support any of the above



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