Sales Services

Nationally and internationally recognized consultants and speakers address sales personnel at our Winter Conference each year.

During the 2018 Winter Conference, Derron Steenbergen held the two seminars below.

SALES TOPIC:  From Surviving to Thriving in Sales

The From Surviving to Thriving in Sales
 session is a high energy, exciting way to make your commission checks bigger. Learn simple steps often skipped or forgotten that will help you make more magic in your sales career.  Derron Steenbergen, President of Swagger Institute, will motivate you to use creative approaches to prospecting, new business development and building better relationships. Recommended for all sellers and manager.

SALES MANAEMENT TOPIC: Managing and Motivating a Distracted, Overwhelmed Salesforce


This sales management session focused on fresh, creative ways to manage a sales staff that feels overwhelmed and often distracted.  Distracted sales managers trying to lead distracted salespeople who are dealing with distracted decision makers is a difficult task.   From daily tips to long term motivational tactics, attendees left this session better equipped to help their teams be more successful.  Managers also heard real, proven, tangible ideas that they can use immediately.











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