Disaster Preparedness & Hurricane Relief PSAs

For local radio and television stations across South Carolina, community service is more than a passing concern. It is a way of doing business. Every day in South Carolina, from the biggest cities to the smallest towns and everywhere in between, broadcasters are going to bat for community charities, educating residents about important local issues, and delivering life-saving information and relief in times of crisis or disaster. Non-profit groups across the state know they can turn to their local radio and television stations for a helping hand.

SCBA in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters has released findings from a comprehensive survey of broadcasters' public service efforts. The survey findings contain stunning statistical data about the contributions of South Carolina broadcasters to their communities in one year as well as compelling stories about the unique ways broadcasters find to support their communities.

Total value of PSA time donated by SC stations: 

$116 million


Broadcaster support for charitable fundraising resulted in contributions of over $19 million

Broadcaster public service addressed a wide variety of community issues including health issues, drug & alcohol abuse, crime and violence, adult literacy, children's issues, hunger, homelessness and homeland security issues. These numbers do not include the wide variety of off-air community service in which broadcasters are engaged (DJ's and news anchors, etc. participating in community events), and does not include the investments stations make in producing PSA’s, radiothons, telethons, etc. It does not include production costs and airtime for news and public affairs programs addressing issues of community-wide concern. Nor, does it include the value of airtime donated for coverage of disasters, breaking weather emergencies and other crises.

The bottom line is that South Carolina broadcasters make substantial public service contributions to their communities' contributions that have great value and impact. A major reason for the success of the industry's community service activities today is that local broadcasters are making their decisions about where to contribute and how based on the specific needs of the communities they serve.

The tradition of community service by South Carolina broadcasters, is unmatched by any other industry and one that we pledge to uphold in the years ahead.

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