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Resume Number: 7086
First Name: Nicholas
Middle Name : Eugene
Last Name: Guiher
Address: 975 Garfield NW
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
Zip: 49504
Daytime Phone: 616-745-9357
Industry: TV
Department: Production
Last three employers or assignments beginning with the most recent:
Employer: WXMI-TV
Job Title : Operations Technician/ Newscast Director
Job Begin: December 2014
Job End: Present
Duties/Responsibilities: Operate robotic cameras, audio, TelePrompTer, and floor direct for live newscast. Also directs a few days a week using Ross Overdrive.

Employer: WGVU-TV
Job Title: Production Assistant
Job Begin: June 2012
Job End: December 2014
Duties/Responsibilities: Operate graphics, audio, cameras, and floor direct for live and pre-recoreded shows as well as field remotes.

Educational Background:
Institution: Grand Valley State University
Years Attended: 2011-2013
Degree Earned: Bachelor's of Science
Location Preference(s):
SC Cities: Any

Date Posted: 06/19/2017

Resume Number: 7081
First Name: Charles
Last Name: Tyler
Address: 5870 Longwood Dr #201
City: Murrells Inlet
State: SC
Zip: 29576
Daytime Phone: 843-215-7045
Industry: TV
Department: Production
Last three employers or assignments beginning with the most recent:
Employer: Comcast/NBC / Universal
Job Title : Consultant
Job Begin: 2009
Job End: TBA
Duties/Responsibilities: Process improvement .. standardization of multiple outlets following company merger, refinement of operations day to day and long term.

Employer: CNN Washington
Job Title: Senior Director
Job Begin: 2004
Job End: 2009
Duties/Responsibilities: Directing on a daily basis National scheduled programming and breaking news .. responsible for execution and staff education process improvement

Employer: FOX Sports Los Angeles
Job Title : Director
Job Begin: 1998
Job End: 2003
Duties/Responsibilities: Directed multi camera multi sourced fast paced sports news programming designed to compete directly with ESPN Sportscenter
Educational Background:
Institution: Universityof Nebraska @ Omaha
Years Attended: 3 years
Degree Earned: I did not recived my degree
Location Preference(s):
SC Cities: all

Date Posted: 06/08/2017

Resume Number: 7071
First Name: Ron
Last Name: Revere
Address: 1973 Greenwood Valley Drive
City: River Falls
State: WI
Zip: 54022
Daytime Phone: 7158643334
Evening Phone: 7158643334
Email Address: revenuebuilder1@hotmail.com
Industry: Radio
Department: Sales
Last three employers or assignments beginning with the most recent:

Location Preference(s):
SC Cities: Any

Date Posted: 05/06/2017

Resume Number: 7067
First Name: Bill
Last Name: Schmalfeldt
City: Florence
State: SC
Daytime Phone: 563-503-8730
Email Address: broadwaybill947@outlook.com
Industry: Radio
Department: Programming
Last three employers or assignments beginning with the most recent:
Employer: National Institutes of Health
Job Title : Writer-Editor/Podcaster/Broadcaster
Job Begin: 2005
Job End: 2011
Duties/Responsibilities: Responsible for promulgating information regarding clinical trials. Retired in 2011

Employer: XM Satellite Radio
Job Title: Program Director
Job Begin: 2001
Job End: 2003
Duties/Responsibilities: Program director, on air talent for "On Broadway" channel.

Employer: KZEG/KCLN
Job Title : Morning Host/Operations Manager
Job Begin: 1993
Job End: 1999
Duties/Responsibilities: Hosted morning show, kept the station running.
Educational Background:
Institution: Department of Defense Information School
Years Attended: 1981-1984
Degree Earned: Distinguished Honor Graduate
Location Preference(s):
SC Cities: Myrtle Beach, Conway, Florence

Date Posted: 04/28/2017

Resume Number: 7059
First Name: Naphtali
Middle Name : Jimi
Last Name: Bruce
Address: 6401 Rivers Avenue, Unit 62481
City: North Charleston
State: SC
Zip: 29419
Daytime Phone: 615-498-5129
Evening Phone: 615-498-5129
Email Address: naphtali.imijproduckshunz@gmail.com
Industry: Either
Department: Programming
Last three employers or assignments beginning with the most recent:
Employer: On-Demand Publishing, LLC
Job Title : Customer Service Agent
Job Begin: September, 2016
Job End: March, 2017
Duties/Responsibilities: Trained in Kindle Direct Publishing to field emails and telephone calls from frustrated book publishers.

Employer: NY Digital Products
Job Title: Telephone Appointment Setter
Job Begin: October, 2015
Job End: September, 2016
Duties/Responsibilities: Copious outbound (mostly cold) calling businesses to try to get thew Account Execs in the door to make copier machine, security camera or VoIP telephone deals.

Employer: I.M.I.J. Produckshunz
Job Title : Owner
Job Begin: January, 1994
Job End: Present
Duties/Responsibilities: Writer of music reviews, blogger, Author, disc jockey, English Tutor, Social Media Consultant, Public Relations Specialist, marketing, voice-over artist.
Educational Background:
Institution: Adelphi University
Years Attended: 4
Degree Earned: Bachelor of Arts English/Communications
Honors/Awards: WBAU AM/FM Program Director, Intercollegiate athletics: Baseball, basketball, track and field; Flambeau Men's Honorary Society, Campus DJ, newspaper; intramural sports.
Location Preference(s):
SC Cities: Charleston, Columbia, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville

Date Posted: 04/10/2017

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