Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP)

Thank you for requesting information about SCBA’s Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP). Please refer to the documents below.  The first two documents are for reference and the last document is a sample of an agreement your station will receive if you choose to enroll in the program.

          Inspection excludes examination of EEO and political files.

If after reviewing the documents above you decide to enroll your station in the program, contact SCBA to request a contract.  Once you have received the contract, you will be asked to do the following:

  • Read proposed agreement between SCBA and your station(s) in its entirety – noting contract date and estimated date of inspection
  • Note first section regarding FCC notification


  • If you opt to have the FCC notified that you have enrolled in the program, your station(s) will be eligible for the benefits of the 150-day grace period described in paragraphs 4(h) and 4(i) of the enclosed SCBA-FCC ABIP agreement. Station(s) have a grace period of 150 days from the contract date at the top of the enclosed agreement to enroll in the program, have the station(s) inspected and make any necessary corrections after inspection in order to successfully complete the ABIP program. All activities must be conducted within the grace period or the station will no longer be eligible for benefits.
  • If you opt not to have the FCC notified that you have enrolled in the program, check “NO” and initial your response. If you choose this “NO” option, the station(s) will not be eligible for the benefits of the 150-day grace period, and is at risk of inspection by the FCC at any time.
  • Complete station information and sign page 9.
  • Complete Exhibit A on page 10, listing stations subject to this agreement
  • Submit completed agreement with payment to SCBA. (See Exhibit B of the agreement for fees.)

Once the SCBA office receives your signed agreement, the agreement will be counter signed and a fully executed copy will be returned to you. If you now hold a valid ABIP agreement, please see paragraph 6 of the memo of explanation for public disclosure requirements to take advantage of the grace period benefits. To take advantage of the grace period benefits of holding a contract for inspection, please see the public disclosure requirements in paragraph 7 of the memo of explanation.

Upon receiving your signed contract and payment, SCBA will be in touch to confirm the date of your inspection. We encourage you to download the FCC self-inspection checklist by clicking here to prepare your station(s) for the inspection. Thank you for participating in the SCBA Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program. Any questions may be referred to Paula Thayer, ABIP Coordinator, at (803) 732-1186 or scba@scba.net




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